Behavior Analysts



ABBLS, VBMAPP, or any other skills assessment will work perfectly with the wePortal interface.  Our system is completely customize-able to be used with any style of assessment.  Use custom assessment tools such as the FAST without having to use multiple sheets for each behavior.  Conduct stimulus preference assessments (SPA) in the blink of an eye with our SPA interview generator.  View all assessments results with our graphing tools and custom report generators allowing the busy behavior analyst to create any type of report instantly.


Create custom programs just for your kiddos using a variety of different methods and techniques.  our 4 tier system allows you to create custom assessments, domains, skills, or targets.  Use any type of error correction you feel is best, take task analysis data, probe data, continuous data, and much more!  Create objectives at the target level or skill level and track data with correct vs. incorrect, or by prompt.  All of these features are just a quick “Sign Up” away.


Therapy on The Go!

Therapist binders anyone?  Messy folders, loose leave papers, lost data sheets, out of date behavior programs, no more!  With our user friendly mobile app, your staff can easily access their current treatment plans, FBAs, and program information.  And with our offline apps, your therapists can seamlessly take reduction data when behaviors occur and follow dynamic playlists designed to focus on current targets, mastered targets and interspersing.    At the end of every session, therapists can easily have parents sign their mobile devices for timesheets and email them to their supervisors instantly.