Home-Based Therapy


Case Assignment

One of the most difficult aspects of running a home health business is case assignment.  Who can go where and at what time.  Is this therapist qualified to work with that client?  Do they live close enough to get to the home in time?  Make your life easier with wePortal’s scheduling system that allows users to organize therapy for several different therapists at several different locations on several different days.


Staying in Touch

Don’t get a chance to see your families as much as you would like?  Don’t worry, our portal has a built in client user group allowing parents and caretakers to see whats going on with their kids in therapy.  Share data, treatment plans, assessments, and ask parent to sign off on new documents all from the parent portal.  Send messages to families all at once or one at a time giving updates about your organization.  Keep your families in the know.



Keep your therapists productive during sessions while out in the field with our dynamic mobile app.  Our mobile app gives your therapists the ability to not only take data, but also get time-sheets signed, send reports, upload documents, conduct evaluations, and even do parent training.  Our inspiring app has a variety of different offline and online features making it the perfect tool for therapists that may not always have a WIFI connection available.

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