Human Resources Module

Human Resources Module


One of the biggest headaches when running a behavior analysis organization is dealing with HR related tasks. Our unique system allows you to better keep track turnover, credentialing, overall employee happiness.

Custom Credentials


We are very aware that insurance companies and other funding sources all have their own unique requirements and don’t make it easy on providers to keep track of all of the different requirements. Well that frustration ends here today, our robust credentialing system allows users to not only enter in unique credentials for each funding source, but it also allows you to edit them later.

Insurance Credentialing


Worried about an audit, don’t be. Our system will allow you to keep track of the status of each credential, when the therapist was credentialed (This is important for billing, trust us) and when a particular credential runs out.

Exit Interviews


Not sure why someone is leaving? Need some feedback on your company from some that is going somewhere else? We have a special system that allows your administrators to ask and record people that are leaving your organization what the good and bad parts of their experience were.

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