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No WiFi?  Not a Problem

Our Rover APP works without a connection, so you can collect data efficiently all the time…

Offline Compatible Features


Parent Competency

Inter-Observer Agreement



Acquisition Data Collection


Reduction Data Collection

Web Compatible Only

Assessment Info

Programming Info


Client Document Access



Therapist Document Access


The Dilemma

How can you take data, refer to the behavior program and update objectives all with the child sitting in front of you?  This is the the plight of the modern day behavior therapist.  Multitasking is difficult enough, multitasking while response blocking is even harder.  How can we fix this?

The Solution

A high-tech platform with a user-friendly interface that works on Apple mobile devices and Android.  A compact all-in-one solution designed to make the impossible (Multi-tasking during therapy)…possible.  Take some time to browse through the different features and explore the possibilities of taking your operation mobile.

Total Mobile Interface


Compatibility is the name of the game, if the APP doesn’t work with your device, you probably need a new APP.

iPad Compatibility



Take acquisition and reduction data, train caregivers, take IOA data, sign timesheets, conduct evaluations, and thats just in OFFLINE mode!




iPhone Compatibile



Take data seamlessly with our mobile app designed to work in perfect harmony with the iPhone mobile interface.


Android Phone Compatibility

Coming soon to a wePortal APP near you…


Why are we so confident that our APP works well?

HINT:  We did some research and and feel pretty confident about it…

Mobile Site Boosted Productivity

Data Collection

During our research, we found that data collection by therapists increased  during sessions when using a wePortal mobile device.

Inter-Observer Agreement

During clinical trials, our data showed an increase in Inter-Observer Agreement when therapists used the wePortal mobile interface.

Program Fidelity

Our data also found that there was a significant increase in the accuracy of skill acquisition program implementation.

  • Acquisition Data Collection 80% 80%
  • Reduction Data Collection 50% 50%
  • Inter-Observer Agreement 75% 75%
  • Program Fidelity 60% 60%

The Results Were Amazing

After taking time to evaluate our product through research , the results were outstanding!  Our data indicated that the use of our mobile interface greatly improved productivity on the part of the therapist during their sessions.  This opened up a variety of different possibilities for further research and applications int eh area of mobile data tracking.

Complete Sections

Different Modules


Amazing Result

Enough of this, let me see the APP!

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