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IT Services


Design, Process, & Technology Recommendations – we help customers determine costs, business needs, and potential hurdles.

Are you working with a team to develop software or hardware for an important problem you want to solve? We can help! Our team has subject matter expertise in applied behavior analysis, organizational behavior management, project management, UX design, working collaboratively with development teams, and software development. If you need consultation on a project, you can leverage our experience to avoid common pitfalls and optimize your execution and product delivery time-frame.

Website Development

Do you need a website that describes your products or services? wePortal can help. We can set-up your company website, register your domain, and place all the content you need to make your company brand stand out.

 This service can include:


  1. Setting up word-press & theme
  2. Setting up some basic SEO to help others find your site
  3. Registering your .com or other domain
  4. Setting up your content and images
  5. Finding stock images if needed
  6. Design for every device (mobile and web)
  7. Good user-experience

Software Development – Web and Applications

Do you have a product/software idea to help streamline your business work flows or improve employee performance? Are you looking for a technology partner? wePortal provides custom software solutions for those who need a technical and subject matter expertise. Leverage our knowledge and experience with behavior analysis, project management, and technology & software development. We will:


(1)   Meet with you to discuss your ideas and business needs

(2)   Sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

(3)   Collect detailed information needed for product development

(4)   Design a scope and estimated cost

(5)   Create your solution

Do you live in the Florida counties of Broward or Miami-Dade? wePortal offers all of the following IT services to local businesses


PC Troubleshooting / Diagnostics / System Tune-Up and Optimization

Software Upgrade / Repair Software Suite / Software Installation

Virus / Spyware / Adware Protection, Scan and Removal /

Hardware Install / Upgrade / Repair Operating System Installation

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