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Reports, and reports, and reports, oh my!  It seems like we spend most of our time generating and updating reports to send out to insurance companies, support coordinators, and families.  Well don’t fret, we just made your life that much easier.  Our reports section simplifies the entire process for you generate reports in a variety of different formats with the click of your mouse.


Designed to make reporting information to funding sources and families a million times easier.  This report generator was created to take the formatting hassles out of generating a report.  All the office staff or administrators have to do is create the report template in System Management and then it will take information and data from the portal to help create your report.


See something you don’t like on the report after it has been created?  No big deal!  After you generate the report our Report Editor allows you to change margins, delete information, embolden words, add info and basically do whatever you want.  This simple function allows the user to update anything from format issues to actual information with the touch of a button.

This is the best decision you will make in a long time.

Trust us, this software is automatically reinforcing.

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