HR Reports

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Need a quick list of important info on your staff?  Doing 1099s at the end of the year, no sweat, use our HR reports section to generate quick reports with a variety of different info.  Conveniently located in the reports module, this feature not only allows you to generate these important pieces of information but it also allows you to print them with just a click of a button.



In this section, the portal was designed for one purpose, to make your office staff’s lives easier.  This feature was designed to create quick reports of a variety of different useful information on your staff.  Created to help with audits, tax documents, and internal reviews, HR reports features allows users to quickly organize demographic and business information onj any staff member working with your organization.



Generate reports of:

  1. Therapists names, emails & phone numbers
  2. Analysts names, emails & phone numbers
  3. Therapists names, level and NPI
  4. Therapists names with insurance company credentialing dates
  5. Therapist names and credentialing status
  6. Complete demographic report on all therapists


This is the best decision you will make in a long time.

Trust us, this software is automatically reinforcing.

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